Dying for Cute Affordable Plus Size Clothing?

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People often mistakenly confuse affordable with cheap. Both include clothes under a certain price tag, but cheap clothes are also poorly made and typically do not last more than a few wears. Affordable, on the other hand, also includes diamonds in the rough: that great outfit you found on sale at a discounted price or that dress at the top of your budget but is so well-made that it’s worth the price tag because the designer could be charging way more.

Have you ever googled  “affordable plus size club clothing”? Spending time searching for what you want is going to offer you lots of options. There is great magic in the search terms you use.

Similarly, adding a specific price to your search can help weed out cheap from affordable. If you have an open mind, searching the top of your budget can often lead you to some really great retailers you never knew about. Search term: plus size formal dresses under $100 or inexpensive plus size clothing should yield interesting results.

Knowing what you want is only part of the puzzle. The other missing piece is you. Like Daphne Guinness said, “I don't approach fashion. Fashion approaches me!” No matter how much something costs, what you buy needs to feel good and look good on you. It is up to you to invest the time it takes to find affordable plus size clothing you need.

 Once you find that gem, please do share! With Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter there is no need to keep your fashion treasure all to yourself.

Kate Spade said, "Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends." We couldn’t agree more. What is better than buying what you want, trying it on, and taking lots of selfies? That sounds like the best time any girl could ask for. Dress up is very fun when you are trying on clothes that fits your budget and your personality.

We want to know...what recent gem you came across your shopping journey that you can’t get enough of?


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  • Nice looking clothes. However, you need more complete descriptions of fit, fabric, dimensions, length to enable informed selections. One example: the cute long “chambray” flowy skirt. What fabric? What length? What kind of waist? Overall, nice stuff, needed for curvy girls/women too. Need more info, however.

    Djhnyc on
  • CurvyCo at curvyco.com is a fantastic new gem for plus-size women! It’s a plus-size only resale marketplace with super affordable, budget friendly options. Add it to this list!!

    Karine on

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